Different Types of Braces Are Offered by Your Orthodontist

Different Types of Braces Are Offered by Your Orthodontist

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Deviations in the alignment and position of your teeth can often increase your likability of suffering dental fractures, dental attrition, or other alignment issues while also leaving you with a less appealing smile. Our orthodontic team here at Shannon Orthodontics want to assist you with your best smile by using one of the braces types we offer to align your smile and give you the confidence you need and want.

Dr. Chris Shannon will recommend the type of braces for you based on the severity of misalignment and your personal preference. A couple of the type of braces we offer include:

Traditional braces: these use small metal brackets, wires, and other pieces of orthodontic hardware that are secured to the outer parts of your teeth. They work with one another to shift your teeth into the correct position and alignment. Every four to six weeks you’ll need to return to see Dr. Chris Shannon for an adjustment session.

If you are uncomfortable with the visibility of braces appearing in your smile, our professionals can apply a ceramic glaze to the braces hardware. This dental porcelain material can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel with less of a visual impact.

Another type of alignment process we offer (that is like a brand of clear plastic braces) is Invisalign®. This process can be used if your teeth require a modest amount of realignment, and every two weeks you will need a new set of aligners. Each set brings your teeth closer to the ideal alignment of your teeth.

Here at Shannon Orthodontics, we also offer gold braces, mini metal braces, and WildSmiles! If you live in the Davenport, Florida, area and you have alignment issues with your teeth, call Shannon Orthodontics at 863-353-6867 to set up a braces consultation to decide which type of braces is best for your smile!