Invisalign®Aligner Care

Invisalign®Aligner Care

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If you are considering wearing Invisalign® aligners to straighten your smile issues? If so, we congratulate you for investing in your healthy, beautiful smile. Today, our experienced dental team would like to give you some insights into how you would care for your aligners as your smile undergoes its transformation. Let’s have a look!

Your first course of action is to rinse your aligners thoroughly to remove any saliva residue from your Invisalign appliance.

Your aligners will also need to be cleaned. You can clean your aligners with Invisalign’s cleaning crystals, or simply use a denture cleaner to soak your aligners. Whichever method you prefer, soaking your aligner in a cleaning agent works to remove plaque build up from your appliance.

After your aligners are properly cleaned, you want to clean your teeth and gums before placing the aligners back on the teeth. First, brush and floss thoroughly to remove oral debris such as food particles and plaque. Clean between teeth and along the gum line. Next, follow-up with a bacteria reducing mouthwash to remove lingering bacteria. Bacteria on the teeth while you are wearing your aligner impacts the tooth enamel.

You can always freshen your aligner by taking them out and rinsing them with clear antibacterial soap. However, you want to thoroughly remove all soapy residue on the aligners before placing them back onto your teeth.

To learn more about how to care for your Invisalign aligner in Davenport, Florida, please contact Shannon Orthodontics at 863-353-6867. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Chris Shannon, looks forward to helping you create a healthy, beautiful smile!