Occlusal Issues That May Require Braces

Occlusal Issues That May Require Braces

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If your teeth do not correctly align in your smile, that is a condition referred to as a malocclusion, which is also commonly known as a bad bite. Malocclusions can develop in your bite at any age and for a multitude of reasons. Orthodontics is typically the best method to correct a bad bite.

The following is a list of types of malocclusions that often need to be treated with braces:

– Crossbites: A crossbite is a condition in which the upper jawbone doesn’t align properly with the lower jawbone.
– Deep bites: If your upper teeth stick out far enough for the lower teeth to cut into the roof of your mouth, this misalignment between the upper and lower teeth may need to be corrected with orthodontics.
– Misplaced midlines: The centers of the upper and lower incisors are ill aligned.
– Open bites: When you bit down, do your upper and lower incisors not line up properly?
– Overbites: Commonly referred to as buck teeth, overbites occur when your upper front teeth protrude further than your lower teeth.
– Rotation malocclusions: The teeth shift out of alignment and back slowly.
– Spacing malocclusions: Your smile has abnormally large spaces between some or all of the teeth.
– Transposition malocclusions: If your teeth have erupted through the gum line out of place, braces can help them shift properly.
– Underbites: Another name for underbites is bulldog teeth, and it occurs when your lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth.

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