Why Children Need Early Orthodontic Care

Why Children Need Early Orthodontic Care

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Many people assume that the youngest recipients of orthodontic treatment are teenagers and possibly preteens. While many patients receiving braces are indeed teens, it is recommended that children undergo orthodontic treatment before they reach their teen years. Our orthodontist offers orthodontic care for children to ensure they can enjoy strong, healthy smiles unimpeded by orthodontic issues.

Teeth that are experiencing earlier stages of development before the teenage years are more receptive to orthodontic treatment. In fact, every child should see an orthodontist around the age of seven because they will have received all primary teeth, as well as some permanent teeth. At this stage, our orthodontist can detect any budding developmental problems in the tooth alignment and bite so that he can correct them now before they become severe.

Children are vulnerable to a variety of orthodontic issues that need professional correction, and receiving early treatment can reduce the need for braces down the road because it guides the development of the teeth and jaws into a healthy and functional formation. If patients wait until their teenage years, the jaw becomes stronger and more solid, making it harder to treat crooked teeth and improve bad bites.

In fact, early treatment to guide the development of the jaw and tooth alignment can often prevent significant oral complications altogether, eliminating the need for braces during middle school and high school. Our team is eager to help your child enjoy a healthy smile and functional teeth for the rest of his or her life.

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