Your Braces Will Need Routine Tightening

Your Braces Will Need Routine Tightening

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The orthodontic hardware of your braces, installed at Shannon Orthodontics’s Davenport, Florida clinic has been designed to realign your teeth over the gradual course of time. This is done by applying progressive tension during routine adjustment sessions. Each time your braces are tightened, it will move your teeth one gradual step closer to their ideal alignment.

Each one of these appointments also includes a thorough inspection of the braces hardware. Spacers, bands, or any other piece of hardware that’s suffered some wear and tear will need to be replaced by Dr. Chris Shannon and the team. If you’ve noticed something is amiss, be sure to let us know so we can pay extra attention to it.

We typically recommend having your braces adjusted every four to six weeks. If a spacer feels loose or falls out before a scheduled adjustment session, you should call us for advice. In most cases, we will simply recommend scheduling an earlier adjustment.

It’s also important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the alignment process. Excessive wear and tear on braces hardware or tooth decay complications can increase the duration of the alignment process. If you are struggling to clean in and around any part of your braces hardware, feel free to ask your orthodontist for advice.

If you have questions about how to maintain your braces, you can always call 863-353-6867 to seek further advice from one of the orthodontists at Shannon Orthodontics’s Davenport, Florida clinic.